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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Get Me Everywhere service actually do?

It provides a single platform where you can submit business details. Get Me Everywhere then ensures that those key contact details (also referred to as NAP) are consistently distributed across our partner network of over 150 online directories. In this way, when a search for a business at a location occurs, those businesses are very likely to appear ranked highly in the organic search results.

What are the main advantages of using Get Me Everywhere?

The distribution of business listings, especially for agencies and multiple location businesses, is horrendously time consuming. Many organisations employ a team of people to manually add the citations to online sites and directories, and that means that in addition to being time consuming, it's also expensive. Get Me Everywhere is a 'one stop shop' solution - you provide the business listing details and they are automatically distributed to over 150 partner sites. Should any details change, it is simple to make amendments - upload changes to the single portal, and the amended information is automatically distributed all over again.

Which websites will the business details be distributed to?

Get Me Everywhere distributes to over 150 partner sites, including Bing, BT Phonebook, Thomsonlocal along with a host of other media websites.

Of the hundreds of sites surely only a handful really matter?

To ensure you appear in the search results of the major search engines your business details must appeal to the ranking algorithms. To do this it is essential that your business appears on multiple sites with the contact details accurate and consistent, so the breadth of distribution of information across the sites improves the chances of a business appearing highly in the search results.

Can I pick and choose which sites my information goes to?

Our system works on the basis of once the data is uploaded it is distributed in a single output. The alternative ‘drip feed’ solution is likely to be less attractive to the main search engines than a single blast output across the key sites. Also, consistency is potentially compromised with varied submissions. Overall the single output approach is the most beneficial for listing distribution.

How long does it take for the information to appear online?

Once the information has been uploaded into our system (this takes a couple of minutes once you have the data in a CSV file in the defined format) it will start to be distributed within a matter of days. Different sites take data from us at different frequencies, some are daily while others are weekly or fortnightly, and each may have different updating cycles. As a general rule there should be coverage across the key sites after 4 weeks.

How do I see where my listings appear?

We provide login details to show confirmation of distribution across our partner network. We don’t offer direct links to recipient websites as these are result in misleading information due to the dynamic nature of the website links.

How do I supply the business details to be listed?

You will need to provide all the business details to be listed in a particular file format, uploaded to a secure FTP.

Can I supply my business details in the Google My Business / Bing Places format?

Most directories and websites take data in a specified format that have more limitations and a clearer structure than Google or Bing use. For example, we require a premise number or name, which the larger search engines don’t. It might be a good idea to change your Google or Bing direct submissions to reflect the GME format and so increase consistency and therefore boost your ranking.

Will the directory sites use all the data provided?

Most online directories will list the basic business information (name, address, telephone number or NAP as its known), however we also submit to some specialist vertical sites which would only display business information that is specifically relevant to them. We are increasingly finding partners who will display additional information eg. logos, photos, opening hours etc. Please give us a call to talk about this in more detail 0800 118 2320.

How much does the service cost?

The price is extremely attractive, especially compared to the time and resource that is required to do this process manually. However the service is priced depending on volume of business listings being provided, it's obviously cheaper per listing the more you supply. Call us on 0800 118 2320 and speak to one of the team who will be happy to give you all the details you need.