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Remember with search engines like Google your business being listed on other reputable websites is a key component in how high you rank in the search results.

Get improved ranking results on a multitude of search engines

Business details can be uploaded in one go

No need for expensive manual data input charges

Consistent business listings

Easily amend old details

A single platform solution

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Because it’s a ‘no brainer’ if you are a business who wants customers and prospective customers to find you and your products/services online. Local presence online is not a ‘nice to have’ it’s a basic requirement for every business – from one man band to multi-national brands. If a customer does a search for a product in their locality, they don’t want to go to the head office website which is also miles away from the location being searched.

Key benefits


    By minimising manual mistakes the level of consistency is improved and so are the results.


    There is no longer the need for expensive manual data input which is often charged per submission.


    Instead of notifying the individual sites, changes can be made swiftly via Get Me Everywhere.


    Business details can be uploaded in one go via a single portal.


    The NAP is distributed across the key influential online sources from a single point of entry.

The system of getting citations consistent and widely distributed is complex, time consuming and prone to errors – Get Me Everywhere solves all of these in one go by providing a single point of entry solution that can be visited multiple times to make changes when necessary.

Our story

Get Me Everywhere is the listings management service operated by the 118 Group. Based in the Midlands, 118 Group have been supplying listings, since 2009, to UK directories, publishers (national and local), search engines and a variety of relevant websites.

The focus of the Get Me Everywhere service is the successful updating and syndication of UK location data to publication points where ‘consumers’ look for local services or products. That search might be for a brand, a named business or a general search for a business type such as Pizza Delivery. Wherever a user searches – whether it’s using a search engine, an online directory, or via a map or app – by using GME they can be sure that the correct local information is available.


The service was launched in 2011 as a solution for every business. Whether a single or multi site business, or an agency dealing with multiple clients, Get Me Everywhere ensures that submitting NAP (name, address, telephone number details) and enhanced information, no longer means hours of manual work for either the business owner, the in-house or agency marketing teams.


We also enable the speedy submission of enhanced information:

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It also enables the distribution of consistent NAP information across more than 200 partners, including online directories, search engines, portals, satnavs and other users of local listings.